Q: Where can I find all the information I need and how can I contact

A: Our website provides comprehensive information about buying a vehicle with You are most welcome to contact our friendly and professional sales and reservation staff by email, fax or telephone. If you have special requirements or need specific advice or assistance, we would be happy to help you with relevant information. Contact us at for more info.

Q: How many people can fit in each vehicle?

A: Seat belts are mandatory in Australia. The number of passengers depends on the number of seat belts - which depends on the vehicle. Driving / riding a car without a seatbelt or driving with more passengers than seatbelts each result in on the spot fines.

Q: Do I need a special license?

A: You may travel with a valid international drivers license, or any full, valid license from your country of residence. A translation of your national drivers license may be required.

Q: Is it legal for a people who are not Australian residents to own a car?

A: There is no problem for visitors to Australia to own a car and you must abide by the same laws as Australians.

Q: Do I need to carry spare parts for the car?

A: You might want to carry a couple of hoses or belts, but unless you are mechanically minded these won't do you any good. All warranty vehicles come with 24 hour, Australia wide roadside assistance. On top of this, you can count on the generosity of the Australians to help you out of a bind.

Q: How much does petrol cost?

A: If you're coming from Europe, you'll find our petrol prices quite affordable. Unleaded fuel is currently $1.10-$1.30 /litre in populated areas, and leaded and diesel are each within $.15. In more remote areas, petrol prices do rise and they follow the laws of supply and demand. However, even in the most remote areas it's still about half price when compared to European prices.

Q: Do I need a 4WD to travel Australia?

A: No!!! Most people spend less than 5% of their Australian holiday in 4WD conditions. You're better of buying a less expensive car for the 95% of the time you spend on sealed roads, and then renting a 4WD for trips to Fraser Island or Cape Tribulation, where a 4WD is required.

Q: What happens if I buy a car over the internet and I don't like it?

A: You should NEVER buy a vehicle over the internet, unless it is from Travellers AutoBarn! Only TAB vehicles come with a 3-Day Money Back Guarantee. Consider the first 3 days a test drive. If you find a problem with your vehicle, bring it back to us and we'll put it right for you. If we are unable to fix the problem, then either choose another vehicle, or get all your money back!


Q: How do I sell my QLD registered car in NSW?

A: Selling the car is easy. The tricky part is adding to the Rego. Put simply, you can't extend a QLD Rego if you're not in QLD. Really, you have 2 options - you can either get the car into QLD before the Rego expires, or you will have to re-register the car in NSW. More on that below...


Q: Green, Blue, Pink Slips - what's that all about?

A: OK... this only applies in NSW, in other states these things have different names.

A Green Slip is your basic level of insurance required to drive in Australia. It is also known as CTP (Compulsory Third Party) or as Third Party Personal Insurance. You need this in order to get your Rego. You can obtain this online - try, for example.

A Pink Slip is a basic safety and roadworthy certificate, for vehicles which are currently registered in NSW. You will need one of these to extend / renew your NSW Rego. The inspection costs around $40 (plus necessary repairs).

A Blue Slip is a thorough safety and roadworthy certificate, and is required if you wish to put NSW Rego on a vehicle which is either unregistered, or registered in a different state. This inspection is a lot more in depth than a Pink Slip

Q: Insurance - how does it work?

A: As mentioned above, as long as your car has current Rego, then you have the basic CTP insurance. That is all you need to drive legally in Australia, but you will not be covered for any damages caused.

Third Party Property Insurance is the best level of cover available to non-residents of Australia.

Q: Infringements - do I need to pay them?

A: Infringements are penalties for speeding, parking or possibly for forgetting to pay for toll roads. In short, Yes, you probably should pay any fines you get!

Q: I've received an email from a 'buyer', who is offering to buy my vehicle - for more than I've advertised it for! He is overseas, however, and will be sending a courier to collect it - it sounds too good to be true!

A: If it sounds too good to be true - that's because it is! This is a scam. Ignore all messages like this, and notify, and we will try to block their IP address.