Mitsubishi Mitsubishi 2002

$ 4500
Country: Australia City: Sydney Sales Type: Private Registration Number: CS25VI
Available from: 2009-07-25 Mileage: 275000 KM Fuel type: unleaded State of Registration: NSW Colour: White Transmission: Manual
Hi, We are selling our camper van that we built by ourself in the last January. It’s a Mitsubishi Express of 2002 with 275xxx kms. Manual and unleaded 91. The registration is in NSW and available until January 2020 (approximately cost of 500$) We made the following repairs and we have all receipts : * Change the front tyres at 266000kms * Change the rear tyres at 266500kms * Rebalance the wheels at 266000kms * Change the car starter at 270000kms * Change the headlight We also check the different levels very regularly. The installation allows to have large storage space especially under the bed and on the sides of the bed (you can put 2 large suitcase of 30kgs and more) Inside the van you will find all the necessary items bought last January: β€’ Sofa + table that turns into bed, foldable rubber mattress in 3, duvet, pillows, sheets, plaid β€’ Storage space for clothes β€’ Gas cooker with two burner and 2kgs gas bottle, Esky cooler, cutlery, plates, glasses, 15L water can, food storage boxes β€’ Power inverter β€’ Curtains at each window β€’ Some tools (hammer, screwdriver, meter ...) β€’ Spare wheel and fuel jerrycan of 20L β€’ Air conditioning, radio, cigar lighter β€’ Solar shower, fan After traveling 20,000kms we are currently I Sydney for any inspection πŸ˜‰ Price: $ 4500
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