Ford Falcon 2004

Price : NOW $ 5500 (was $ 6000)
Country: Australia City: Melbourne Sales Type: Travellers Auto Barn Registration Number: 1GM6IG
Available from: 2016-01-06 Mileage: 457643 KM Fuel type: Unleaded State of Registration: VIC Colour: White Transmission: Automatic

This seasoned veteren enjoys long trips up the coast and with its heavy duty suspension doesn't mind the odd trip off road as well.  This isn't just any second hand car, this is a Travellers Autobarn vehicle which means it will be sold to you fully serviced, and complete with a package of warranties and services that only we can provide...

    3 day 100% money back guarantee
    14 day TOTAL warranty
    5000km engine & gearbox warranty
    Nationwide guaranteed buyback
    24hour roadside assistance
    Access to 100's of trusted mechanics across Australia
    and much more!

Come by today to 55 King st, Airport west, call us on 03 9088 3300 or email us at for more information.

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